Something To Be

Everything is arbitrary. Everything is naturally devoid of meaning. Everything is pointless. All these things going on around us, all the tragedy, all the travesty, all the horror, destruction, and decay…it’s all meaningless. And that fact is glorious.

The human potential to breathe purpose into their time on this planet is a near-godlike ability. Think about it: in its natural state, existence is nothingness and darkness, perfectly neutral, neither good or bad. Things simply…are. We assign good and evil to these events. When someone dies, we are the ones that decide it is sad. When crimes are committed, we are the ones who decide that those acts are evil. When someone saves the life of another, it is we who commend that individual for the “good” they have done.

We take this innate understanding of the ill-defined subjects of good and evil and we apply those labels to the things around us. We convene as a community to decide if acts committed were evil or not. We see the acts of nature, and we deem them to be good or ill on a whim.

This power makes us kings. It makes us creators. We take the circumstances by which we are surrounded and we create our own reality. We have the authority to revel and wallow in darkness or to rise above and change our position. We have the right to ignore the voices that say something is impossible, irreparable, or beyond saving and decide for ourselves if something is worthwhile.

It is marvelous, really. We have the power to give value to that which would otherwise be worthless.

It’s beautiful.

There is natural beauty. Sunsets, mothers with children, the singing of birds. And then there is beauty that supersedes all that is natural, being something completely original and unique: the act of taking a broken situation and imbuing purpose into a purposeless circumstance. Be it good or bad, right or wrong, tragic or triumphant, they take the meaningless and make it a moment worth living through.

The true testament of the tenacity and strength of mankind is their ability to stand tall among the scattered ashes of what was once considered a life, survey the destruction and the chaos, and rebuild. The propensity of man to reinvent himself after his near-complete annihilation is remarkable. The ability to not just find and live out a purpose, but to change direction and find a new purpose to pursue when everything they had previously built is stripped away, is what has inspired the human race to believe that they truly are in the image of god.

They are wonderful creatures. Not only can they influence the world around them, bringing life and purpose wherever they go, but they can even tame the most powerful being: themselves. Out of nothing, they create.


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