I’m Quite the Arrogant Bastard

When they make a movie about my life, I want this to be the narration for the opening scene:

“It was a great time. Kansas and Jefferson Starship were on the radio; it was a time of faded jeans, leather jackets, and fantastic hair. No, I’m not talking about the 70s; I’m describing my drive home from work. Cuz like my hair, it was awesome. The only thing I was missing was a cold drink to go with the smokin’ guitar riffs (and I couldn’t do that while I was driving for obvious legal reasons.)”

I’m telling you, while it may not be 100% factual, my life story is going to be a blockbuster hit…or maybe a Netflix hit, considering how well Blockbuster is doing these days. No one cares about VHS tapes like they used to…



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