Remember Me As A Time Of Day

There aren’t very many up-sides to working the overnight shift. Your sleep schedule is always out of whack, when people want to do stuff and hang out you’re usually working, and it is damn near impossible to eat healthy, since your body never knows when you’re supposed to be hungry. However…there is a moment every morning that somewhat makes up for all the slight inconveniences that come along with being awake all night.

It’s a short period of time that I eagerly await. After my duties are complete, there is a span of about an hour where nothing needs to be accomplished, and I can sit in the parking lot and watch the sky. The air is still brisk, and the world is quiet, as the sun begins to rise. As the first beams of bronze and gold burst forth into the sky, and the darkness that has settled in on this dirty little town flees, the world appears peaceful. You can feel as the dawn approaches, and then suddenly, it arrives with royal grace.

Birds sing quietly amongst themselves, the earliest of the early risers just barely begin to shake their slumbering heads, and things are…good. The cacophony that seems to never end is strangely absent, the orchestra of anarchy that rules this world pauses to take a breath; it is as if the universe takes a moment each day before the onslaught of man to remind itself that not all its beauty has been stolen or tarnished, and that there is still good left within.

It reminds me that, despite the madness that runs rampant, and despite the hyper-destructive tendencies of our disgusting species, there are beautiful things that cannot be snuffed out. There are things that even we, a race hell-bent on obliterating anything we cannot enslave, are not able to wipe out. It lends me hope that perhaps some of that untarnished, immortal beauty still rests somewhere within each beating heart on this planet.

If there is a heaven, this is what it will be like, because this is the closest thing to holiness and perfection I will ever experience in this life.


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