We Are The Gray

We are the Gray Ones.

We are those who stand in the doorway between the light and the darkness, the ones who fend off the things you fear. We are far from heroes; we are guardians, avengers, paladins. We are neither truly light nor shadow; we are phantoms, floating in the spaces between, defending the thin line that separates them.

We know that sometimes, war is necessary for peace. Sometimes what is right is not always what is best. Sometimes weeds must be allowed to grow and pests must be permitted to live. In order for crops to flourish, someone has to get their hands dirty.

We are those who take the fall so that others might stand on solid ground. It is we who carry the weight of the most difficult of decisions, that the minds of the masses may be at peace. Our kind live with bloodstains on our hands in order for others to maintain their innocence.

We are shunned, misunderstood, and despised. We are spit on, cast out, and beaten. Yet we persist. It is not for glory or recognition that we are this way. It is a duty that is bound up in our souls, and bred into our very blood, that we must do what is necessary, no matter the consequences.

Thus, we live in the places between the light and the dark, passing through each, but belonging to neither. It matters not, however; our lives are fulfilled. The balance is maintained, and that is all that matters. When we are needed, we are ready. Those who stand against us would be wise to tremble and retreat. We are not bound by honor, regulation, or protocol; we are bound only by the outcome. We are driven simply by the need to achieve the desired conclusion, regardless of personal cost. Our lives are guided by an all-consuming need to maintain the equilibrium, the symmetry, the harmony of it all; between light and dark, between yes and no, between black and white there is gray space.

We are the Gray.


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