For Fawkes Sake, Halt Your Revolution

For one day, silence yourselves. Get it all out of your systems today, if you must, but be quiet tomorrow. Give us one day of rest from your endless crusade, a solitary day of peace without your ruthless assault on our souls. Cease your insufferable, ignorant mouths and quiet your exclamations of perceived injustices. I don’t want to hear it. Have you not said enough already? What good will it do to interrupt a day of solace with your ruckus and racket?

Truly, what do you think you are accomplishing? I can tell you what is really happening, despite whatever your intentions might be. You are simply turning your cause into nothing more than a fly buzzing in my ears. If you truly want to be heard, learn to be silent for once in your life. Learn when to speak and when to shut up; learn when to whisper and when to shout. Learn when to fight and when to let peace lie; learn when to stand your ground and when to sit your ass down.

Most importantly, above how much I may want you to leave the airwaves alone, more than I want you to let everyone simply enjoy a day of rest, beyond all of that…learn to find peace within yourself. If you think that crying out about what ails you is going to bring you peace, you are dead wrong. If you think waging your war is what will grant you what you seek, you are sorely mistaken. Sometimes, wars must be fought and voices must be raised, but it is neither the fight nor the volume that brings about the desired result. It is the ability to transform what is without by the strength of what is within. If you harbor hate, you will produce violence and death. If you cultivate peace and truth, you will reap justice and rest.

For Fawkes sake, halt your revolution, if only for a few hours. Lay down your guns and lower your voices. Have some humanity; you’re still human, after all, aren’t you? Embrace the calmer side of your existence, and bathe in the absence of all this calamity; perhaps once you do, you might decide you’ve been fighting your battles all wrong, lining up your horses as you charge full speed at windmills, and hunting down devils in every doorway.

Put your weapons down; swallow your harsh words. Give yourself, and the rest of the world, a break. Let us all recuperate. Take some time to remember what is truly worth fighting for. Violence for the sake of violence is nothing short of evil; when the sun sets tomorrow, and you contemplate going out your door to return to your soap box, think long and hard about what it is you’re stirring up. If you are simply dredging up silt and muddying the waters, you’re not just part of the problem; you ARE the problem.

Shut your trap and think for a minute; just for one lousy minute. Think about what you have to say. Think about what you’re doing, and what it is that you stand for. If what you have to say ain’t worth listening to, bite your tongue; chomp down until it bleeds if you have to. Don’t be a menace, don’t become the disease. C’mon, now; you know better than that. We shouldn’t even have to have this talk in the first place.


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