From her balcony, she could see the entire downtown area. The sun had just gone down, and the streetlights three stories below were beginning to flicker and come to life. As they began to glow, they illuminated the streets, full of angry people wearing scarves and masks over their faces. they wanted justice, or at least they said they did; they wanted peace, or at least they claimed they did. From where she stood, it looked quite the opposite.

The mob below was yelling and shaking their fists, while the police stood in lines, blocking off the streets. She didn’t even know what they were rioting about this time. She thought back, trying to remember who shot who to start this whole mess. She shook her head. It should never have come to this.

The shouting in the streets intensified, and someone threw a bottle at the line of police. Immediately, things went from bad to full-on hellfire. Batons and tasers were brandished, and the mob rushed the police. Fighting broke out in a frenzy, and she sighed. Why did they always do this?

Why is it that humanity seems to be incapable of solving their issues peacefully, she thought to herself. Why must they always raise their fists and fight?

They say violence begets violence; it would stand to reason that peace would beget peace, then, right? Why then must war raise his ugly head and pit brother against brother? What is it about the human race that makes them act like this?

They have a terrifying ability to be peaceable creatures, and then suddenly flip a switch, and they become vicious animals. They can turn so quickly into a pack of rabid dogs.

They’re better than that. We’re so much better than this.


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